VIG Member Benefits

When the BBQ gets delivered, the Value never stops. After purchasing your new Deck Jewelry, We will sign you up for our VIG Member Program. This perk is included in the purchase or your BBQ, and you get to keep those benefits for LIFE!

Here’s How:

  • Lifetime BBQ accessory discounts (Including Charcoal, Propane Exchanges, BBQ Wood Pellets)
  • Lifetime Referral Rewards
  • Warranty Assistance
  • Lifetime Preferred Access to our BBQ Events
  • Lifetime Access to our BBQ Enthusiasts for one on one advice (Cooking tips, recipes, support, etc…)
  • And more benefits to come (Some tasty ideas in the works)

We want this summer to be the summer you go out there and knock their flipflops off. We are here for you, and your BBQ. Keep grilling Canada.


Home Hardware is 100% Canadian Owned and Operated. We are partners in our community and are always here to help.