Sugihara chainsaw guide bars for the professional market
Sugihara have manufactured chainsaw guide bars in Japan since 1957 by Hideo Sugihara. They have been made by the Sugihara family since the factory began with knowledge passed from father to son. Sugihara guide bars have always been produced in the same factory by the same family.

Steel has different properties depending on how it is heated then cooled. In addition, Sugihara chainsaw guide bars go through the process of heating and cooling up to 4 times on different parts of the bar for maximum performance. Therefore the rails need to be accurately cut and hardened. Over hardening can also make them brittle and the bar body needs to be stiff and flexible.

Sugihara chainsaw guide bars durability and strength
The rails are measured on a hardness scale of HRC 60. These bars last longer than Stihl at HRC 57 and Oregon at HRC 55. Sugihara chainsaw guide bars are so hard they resist most flat files when it comes to bar dressing and therefore have superb durability. They also come in a huge range from the smallest 8″ dime tip carving bar up to a 46″ solid single piece bar.