Husqvarna robotic mowers make sense.

It’s official! We are one of Ontario’s preferred Automower Installers! We have some of the largest and most complex installs in Canada. That’s why our installation services are trusted by other customers and other dealers, BIG and small. Have some questions about installs or the Automower? Use our live chat to speak to a specialist!

Automower® is a whole new style of lawn care! With traditional mowing, your lawn grows tall before being cut off all at once. By contrast, Automower® clips just a little grass at a time, frequently. The result is a lawn that’s always picture-perfect. And don’t worry about Automower® missing a spot – the unit changes its pattern according to a programmed schedule. Talk about a smart solution! When you see the results, you’ll wonder why you didn’t adopt our bot sooner.

Optimal cutting results

Husqvarna Automower® cuts just a little but frequently, which assures a nice and healthy lawn. It is equipped with sharp razor-like blades made of strong carbon steel mounted on a robust cutting disc system. This provides for efficient operation and extremely low energy consumption.

Silence is golden

Thanks to its unique cutting system, Automower® works extremely discreet and quiet and just when you want.

Set it and forget it

Automower® can be outside around the clock and is designed to function properly and unattended regardless of the weather conditions. Automower® is built to withstand the harsh Canadian climate without any problems.